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MyFBO.com Now Supports Equipment for Field Use

Take the full MyFBO.com system anywhere with the Rugged Tablet PC from Mobile Demand®

Danville, VA- March 13, 2008 - MyFBO.com now supports the Rugged Tablet PC from MobileDemand®. Pairing MyFBO.com with this equipment means that subscribers don’t need someone tied to the front desk because MyFBO.com is completely portable with this device. The Rugged Tablet Computer can connect to the Internet via WiFi or cellular air card, and runs the complete MyFBO.com online system anywhere the employee needs it. It can be taken into the shop for service orders or to do inventory. This device is also ideal for fuel and service sales from the ramp.

Zack Greenfield of Zenith Flight Support says, “The MobileDemand tablet is the hardware piece that finally takes full advantage of the biggest feature of the MyFBO.com software – web-based access and use. The durability and screen size make working the unit very easy in the fueling environment.” Greenfield goes on to mention that Zenith has seen a big improvement in the accuracy of the tickets and that the employees are happy working with a great tool.

The xTablet® T8700, Mobile Demand’s newest model, has a built-in number pad and credit card reader, making it ideal for outside fuel sales, flight dispatch or check-in. There is also the capability for on-screen signature capture. These devices can be mounted to a vehicle and are designed to take a beating. Tablet PC videos available on the MobileDemand web-site demonstrate the harsh conditions the xTablet T8700 is able to sustain. For more information on the MobileDemand Rugged Tablet PC, visit www.ruggedtabletpc.com.

MyFBO.com provides online aircraft scheduling and aviation information management systems for FBOs, flight schools, flying clubs, charter operations, service centers, aircraft dealers, and fractional operators.

MyFBO.com is a family owned and operated business with offices located in Danville, Virginia and high-reliability servers located and maintained in Silicon Valley, California.