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Become a Cessna Pilot Center

By Brumley Smith, Manager - Cessna Pilot Centers

CPC LogoMyFBO.com and Cessna Pilot Centers (CPC) make a great team. MyFBO.com customers are progressive, forward-thinking flight schools that utilize the website tools to keep them ahead of the competition and provide the best service to their customers. For those flight schools who are looking to do the same in the flight training arena, the CPC Program is just for you!

The CPC Program offers many advantages for its CPCs including the Cessna Computer-Based Instruction Program, exclusive Value-Added Programs, and CPC Seminars.

The Cessna Computer-Based Instruction Program, or CBI, is the only integrated flight-training system in existence. This Program pairs flight lessons and flight labs so that student retention rates are higher and course completion times are lower----this helps produce safer, more competent pilots. The Cessna CBI utilizes the Course Management Module, or CMM, to track student progress.  The CMM also provides vital tools for CPC owners and operators to help them manage their business more effectively. All three Cessna CBI courses, Private, Instrument and Commercial, are Part 141 approved at the National level.

As a CPC, you are eligible for participation in a number of exclusive Value-Added Programs, including insurance, flight-training financing, and website development Programs. These Programs allow CPCs to take advantage of benefits gained by a network of over 275 CPCs Worldwide---advantages that "stand alone" flight schools will not have. For example, only CPCs may participate in a Program with a major aviation underwriter to earn profit commissions, or "refunds", at the end of each year. And, as a CPC, you may participate in exclusive website development Programs through MyFBO.com.

Finally, as a CPC, you will have access to CPC Seminars that are conducted three times each year. These Seminars are held at various locations around the Country, are free of charge, and are conducted by the CPC Division. The Seminars provide valuable information on topics pertinent to flight school operation in today's business environment---topics like risk management, first contact and marketing skills, fleet modernization, and flight school accounting. The Seminars also provide a unique opportunity to interact with other CPC owners and operators from around the Country.

Just as MyFBO.com offers advantages to keep it customers ahead of the competition, the CPC Program can take its members to the next level. To learn more about this great Program and contact the CPC Regional Manager in your area, contact us at the CPC Division at 316.517.3530, or visit the CPC Web Page at www.learntofly.com and click on "How Do I Become A CPC?".