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MyFBO.com Releases Version 4.0

September 15, 2009 - MyFBO.com 4.0 has the most improvements to the online system ever! We don’t usually use exclamation points to describe software, but this new version is really quite special:

  • A fresh new look. While retaining much that is familiar, nearly every content page has been updated for better readability.
  • Enhanced, touch-friendly user interface. Each enlarged tab now has associated ribbon and button menus providing access to the same features. For staff users who prefer larger fonts and for those with touch-screen monitors, the new button menus are ideal.
  • New Front Desk menu and Flight Display.
  • A new Check In process to better support segmented flights and flight sharing. This update also tracks additional meters, oxygen, de-ice, and turbine engine data.
  • Improved documentation. In addition to an update of the online help content, targeted help is now available from more pages than ever. Look for the blue question marks throughout the system and in the system header.
  • More training opportunities. Many pages now also carry red question marks that link directly to online training programs called e-Learning.
  • Scores of new features in most every subsystem.
  • Even more safe and secure. Version 4.0 completes compliance with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards. We have also enhanced hundreds of pages with even more online security measures to protect your business information.

This new version makes the system easier to read, easier to use, easier to learn, more complete, and more secure, providing even greater value. Please contact us or visit our home page for more information or subscribe to Version 4.0!